A Day in the Life: Student Dan Compitiello

Posted by ENC Student Life on Jan 31, 2017 11:17:08 AM


There are many ways to get involved on and off campus. With clubs, jobs, internships, and student government, there's no shortage of opportunities to get out there and meet people. Take the plunge and join a new group! We talked to student Dan Compitiello and when we saw his schedule, we knew it would be hard to find a more involved person. Use his busy day as an inspiration for getting things done! 


7:00am - Wake up and get ready

 7:30am - Head on over to the Mann Student Center for breakfast in the Cafeteria

 8:30am - Walk to Gardner Hall for work in the Admissions Office

 9:30am - Class in the RCA, Literature and Culture with Dr. Henk

10:30am - Chapel in Wollaston Church

11:30am - Lunch with friends in the cafeteria

11:45am - Walk to the Wollaston MBTA stop and head into Boston

12:30pm - Internship in fiance at Massachusetts Republican Party Offices with Gov. Charlie Baker 

 5:00pm - Walk to the MBTA station and head back to Wollaston

 5:45pm - Dinner in the cafeteria

 7:30pm - Worship team practice for church

 9:00pm - Homework

10:00pm - Watch Netflix or a movie with my roommates

11:00pm - Bed time


Dan Compitiello is a Senior History major with a pre-law minor. His days can get a little hectic between homework, internships, class, and an on campus job, but he manages to make it all work! 


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