7 Reasons to Study Physics and Engineering at ENC

Posted by ENC on Feb 12, 2015 2:00:00 PM

engineering_student_robotDid you know that earning your degree in Physics or Engineering at Eastern Nazarene College positions you extremely well to get a job after graduation? ENC students studying Physics and Engineering at ENC have access to some of the best graduate schools, labs, and experiences in the world, and some of these are right here in Boston.

Take a look at ENC’s new eBook called, Why Study Physics and Engineering? It’s for students looking to enter these growing fields and it’s full of facts, videos and information - perfect if you want to know more about opportunities at ENC. Here's just a few highlights:

7 Reasons Why ENC Is A Great Choice

  • ENC students are accepted to elite Research Experience for Undergraduate (REU) programs
  • Professors invite students to join them in leading-edge research with real-world applications
  • ENC students are in close proximity to and establish close working relationships with top-tier graduate programs and Ivy League schools  
  • 26% of ENC undergraduates are studying in STEM majors
  • ENC students have direct access to the Quincy Center for Innovation (QCI) located on our Old Colony Campus
  • ENC students directly benefit from the partnership with QCI’s unique environment where professionals provide expertise and mentorship to our students
  • ENC is located in Quincy, part of Boston’s new Life Sciences Corridor  
Want more? Download the eBook now to learn more about these exciting opportunities and to find out why physics and engineering students are coming to Eastern Nazarene College for their undergraduate degree.

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