Why Should I Be Part of the ENC Christian Community?

Posted by Dr. Philip LaFountain on Dec 16, 2014 4:56:00 PM

Here is a powerful practical insight: Every community we are a part of shapes us as human beings. At ENC, we believe that what we do in the body matters to God. Therefore, we want to form a Christian academic community that takes both the mind and body seriously.

Being a part of a Christian community is not only about forming a Christian mind, but also shaping a body to be faithful to Jesus the Christ.

Exciting things are happening in biblical and theological studies these days. Biblically, in the courses you will take at ENC, we will discover that Jesus teaches us a “way of life.” There is a peculiar and particular way of life called “Christian.” The Christian life isn’t just about beliefs (specific things we know intellectually), but, it is also about embodied living – living out an exciting and vigorous faithful life before the eyes of a waiting world.

Learning and Practicing 

Theologically we will learn that to become a faithful follower of Jesus requires learning, and practicing, his way of life for us. Our bodies, and how we live in them, then, become the visible expression of faith. And, this happens only together when we are in community!

Class_Outside_LaFountainYet, religion courses are not the only classes in which you will discover the way of Christ. General education courses are designed to work in this way, too. Each general education course is designed to offer students an exciting and energetic vision of what it means to be faithful to the Kingdom of God in that discipline. 

At ENC, personal change is the result of engaging in powerful Christian beliefs and following up with life-changing practices.         

Come join us at ENC and we will become faithful to Christ together!

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Written by Dr. Philip LaFountain

Dr. LaFountain has taught in ENC's undergraduate program since 2003 and has served as senior pastor and a corporate and hospital chaplain. Dr. LaFountain's interests are in Wesleyan confessional theology, narrative theology, post-Liberal theology, theological ethics, cognitive science and sociology of knowledge.

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