Why Study To Become a Teacher At ENC?

Posted by Lorne Ranstrom on Feb 6, 2015 3:59:53 PM

Have you ever thought of a career in education?

Working in a classroom is a very important way to spend a life. As a teacher, you have the opportunity to help shape the next generation of leaders in your community and state. Teaching is a public service that impacts the lives of children and the teacher him/herself. It is an important means of influencing and contributing to the lives of children in positive and significant ways. Teachers help children/students find their calling in life. They provide experiences for them to grow intellectually and find new areas to explore. 

Teachers also contribute to the development of a citizenry. In an era where some citizens choose not to vote, teachers help students understand the importance of participating in a community. They provide students a means of understanding the common good and the obligations people have with and to each other.

Working as a teacher also provides the opportunity for the teacher to interact with colleagues who are like-minded and have similar goals, to influence the lives of children in positive ways. They have the opportunity to work with other teachers and foster a lifetime of growth and learning.  

At Eastern Nazarene College, the Division of Teacher Education is committed to developing educators who address the roles and responsibilities of a teacher as outlined above.

As servants of Christ, we serve students and thus society as we prepare teachers to move into classrooms impacting the lives of children and the broader society.

Teaching is a dynamic profession, always changing and moving forward to better address the needs of children. Christ calls us to no less than giving our best for a lifetime to those whom we serve. Teachers make a life for themselves and the students with whom they work, a worthy career to spend for a lifetime.

Lorne Ranstrom, Ed.D.
Chair, Division of Teacher Education
Eastern Nazarene College


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Written by Lorne Ranstrom

Dr. Ranstrom has been teaching at ENC since 1991, and is currently serving as Chair of the Division of Teacher Education and the Director of Field Placements. Previous to teaching at the college level, Dr. Ranstrom was a 7th grade teacher for five years, and an Assistant Principal at both the high school and middle school levels, for four years cumulatively. Since 1998 he has been a member of The Certification Review Panel for the Massachusetts State Dept. of Education, and has been a member of a number of Massachusetts State Dept. of Ed. accreditation teams.

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