Critical Thinking – Why Is This So Important For College Students?

Posted by ENC on Apr 7, 2015 2:00:00 PM

DSC_0051Critical thinking among the ranks of recent college graduates and businesses looking to hire is a hot topic. Companies need problem solvers, thinkers, creators and innovators, not just doers.

Today’s students are being exposed to a deeper level academic and business culture immersion experience, requiring substantial research, writing, discussion, and a real-world peek into businesses and start-ups. This provides them with valuable exposure to entrepreneurs, business owners, and seasoned professionals who want and need youth, energy and passionate students who want to learn more about business.

“Here at ENC, we mold our business students to become future leaders in the corporate world. By fostering a challenging environment, students will be able to mature and become proficient public speakers, ethical decision makers, and creative problem solvers. With our small classrooms and dedicated professors, students are able to excel and are encouraged to get involved in our business clubs, workshops or even travel abroad.”

                                                   - Kellee Birnstiel - Chair of the Division of Business

ENC students are actively involved in local businesses and our partnership with the Quincy Center for Innovation is a great example. Students have the ability to see how start-up companies operate from the ground level. Internships and even jobs are created because ENC students are actively involved and working with savvy business owners who enjoy having an ENC student willing to learn.

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