ENC and Trevecca Give Bimba the Goat a New Home

Posted by ENC Student Life on Jun 5, 2017 6:56:00 AM

ENC Board members Russ Long and Tony Steelman gifted a goat to Trevecca's Urban Farm and Garden on behalf of Mrs. Boone. 

Trevecca's Urban Farm and Garden has goats who are named in honor of different people that are a part of the Trevecca community. A few years ago "Boone" the goat was gifted to the program on behalf of President Dan Boone and the ENC board thought it was about time that Mrs. Boone had a goat of her own. "Bimba", the goat given on behalf of Mrs. Boone is now happily running around with her goat friends in Tennessee. Many thanks to Russ Long and Tony Steelman for their 4-legged gift!

The Urban Farm is also home to livestock guardian dogs, heritage goats, pigs, and chickens. There is also a worm farm, an aquaponics fish farm, campus composting, beekeeping, urban orchard, greenhouse, vegetable garden, and two additional community gardens. Learn more about Trevecca's Urban Farm and Garden at their website. 





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