Checking off the Required Chapel Credits

Posted by ENC Student Life on Dec 12, 2016 7:36:00 AM

There are two types of students. Those who like chapel and those who don't. If chapel isn't your favorite thing, try thinking of it like any other class. You can't miss too many and you need it to graduate. If anything this is the easiest class because there is no homework and you know there won't be any pop quizzes! Plus, the speakers are engaging and most of the time they're even pretty entertaining!

Just like class, you have to be there for the whole time to get credit. At chapel you need to sign in to chapel when you arrive and sign out when chapel is over. These two scans together give you 1 chapel credit counting towards the 20 total chapel credits needed for the semester. You can track your credits on the portal at portal.enc.edu. Thankfully, there are enough chapels offered that you can take a day or two off when you've got an appointment or really need to do some homework. If you need more credits, try attending a chapel credit alternative event. They can't be used in place of going to chapel, but are great for when you just need a few more credits

Kingdom Experience (1 credit per event) This event happens every first Sunday of the month at 8pm in the RCA. The format changes slightly based on the event, but it is most usually a time of worship, prayer, and reflection. 

Late Night (3 visits = 1 credit) Late Night happens every Wednesday at 10pm in the fellowship hall of Wolly Church on campus. Led by pastor "Stretch" Dean of Wolly, this is a time of snacks, songs, and a brief teaching. 

Special Lectures (1 Credit) Throughout the semester the Spiritual Development Office offers special lectures or worship nights that can count as chapel credit. Watch the school calendar and look for posters in the Student Center for upcoming opportunities. 

The Spiritual Development Office works hard to choose speakers that will be interesting, engaging and that you actually want to hear from. If you liked chapel, or have a suggestion stop by the Spiritual Development Office in Angell Hall. They want to hear from you!

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