Graduation Countdown: Advice from Alumni

Posted by ENC Student Life on Jan 23, 2017 7:35:00 AM

 Graduation is 4 months away! That might seem like a long way into the future, but May will be here before you know it. We talked to ENC alumni from as far back as 1987 and asked for their advice to the graduating seniors. They survived the transition from full-time student to real-world adult and they're passing on their best advice to help you succeed.

"Get off campus during your last year with your friends. After you graduate and everyone goes off in different directions, you may not get the chance to explore that area with those people. I'm really grateful my friends spent some time off campus visiting places in and around Boston before we all graduated. We made some really great memories that year going to Red Sox games, visiting Museums/the Aquarium, and just trying different restaurants in the Greater Boston area. Granted you should do this all four years, but when you're super involved in activities on campus it's crazy how fast those semesters go by!" - Sarah Dutra, ENC Class of 2011

"Wish I would have gone into the city more with friends and explored more. At least do the free stuff that's available to college students." Candace Everett, ENC Class of 2012

"As a senior, your focus needs to be selling yourself and your personal brand. Graduation is just around the corner and you're going to need a job. You should be working to position yourself as a valuable asset. If you're a marketing major, start going to marketing events or speaking series and meeting people. Start networking like crazy. You are your own best advocate so start talking!" - Scott MacFarland, ENC 1987

"Many times there's so much pressure to have it "figured out" at graduation, but sometimes the best opportunities are the unexpected things that fall into your lap. Relax, breathe, pray. Take risks and be open to new ideas and paths you never could have imagined." - Emily Oates, ENC Class of 2012


Graduation Countdown: 110 days!


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