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Posted by ENC on Feb 27, 2015 11:00:00 AM

Theatre is more than just talented people on stage wearing costumes; colorful lights accenting a beautiful set design and music and voice together providing a rich, sensory experience. Tara Brooke Watkins, Creator and Artistic Director of “The Bible Women's Project” believe that life and art together change people’s lives in a powerful way. Here’s what she has to say about why life and art merge amazingly well.  


“I believe that theatre has the power to change people's lives. It does this best when it is telling someone's true story, because that is when someone in the audience discovers she is not alone in the world. And when you discover you're not alone, it gives you allowance to breathe more easily which in turn gives you the courage and desire to reach out to others and fulfill your purpose.

This play has multiple true stories, which means it multiplies the above effect, which means the ripples of connecting to others grow exponentially. Because the women in the play are also the subjects of the true stories, performing them and hearing the responses of gratitude has allowed for healing in their own lives. The power of theatre is scary because it's so strong. This cannot be seen any clearer than in 'The Bible Women's Project.'"

 - Tara Brooke Watkins – Artistic Director for the department of Language, Theatre, and Communication Arts.

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