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Posted by ENC Student Life on Mar 23, 2017 7:09:00 AM

As the 2016-2017 school year comes to a close we are sad to say goodbye to the Resident Assistants (RAs) who are graduating but we can't wait to welcome in some amazing new recruits! These new RAs will become the presence of Student Development in the dorms. They are paid to invest in students and help their peers have the best experience possible at ENC. What a terrific job!

We had a little party with our current and future RAs. Our graduating RAs got to pass on some wisdom to their incoming counterparts and we all had a great time. Ready to see who might be leading your floor next year?

The RAs for Spangenberg and Williamson Hall for the 2017-2018 academic year are...

  • Bruna Mora Iglesias
  • Amelia Ferreras Camilo
  • Gretchen Rose Bird
  • Moesha Daniel
  • Polly Gomes
  • Rachel Venable
  • Melody Sagastume
  • Lisa McCarthy


(Back Row L-R: Moesha (new), Lisa (re-hire), Priscilla (RD), Amelia (new), Annelisse (re-hire for Young), Middle Row L-R: Polly (new hire), Rachel (re-hire from Munro), Melody (re-hire), Gretchen (new hire), Kaitlyn (re-hire for Munro), Front Row L-R: Korie (graduating senior), UnHee (graduating senior), Amber (graduating senior)


The RAs for Memorial and Shields Hall in the 2017-2018 academic year are...

  • Justin Reed
  • Connor Hudson-Bryant
  • Bubba Snodderly
  • Richard Gardenhire
  • Ryan Chambers
  • Shaw Campbell
  • Joey Fortin
  • Noah Cheney


(Back Row L-R: Andrew (RD), Shaw (re-hire), Bubba (re-hire), Noah (new-hire),Joey (new-hire), David (graduating senior), Front For L-R: Andres (graduating senior), Connor (re-hire), Yahalel (graduating senior), Jameson (graduating senior), Ryan (new hire), Justin (new hire), Christian (graduating senior), Richie (not pictures, new hire)


The RAs for Young and Munro Hall in the 2017-2018 academic year are...

  • Ryan Davis
  • Monica Ly
  • Shelby Holmes
  • Kaitlyn Gagnon
  • Annelise Sherrill
  • Josue Basilislis


(Back Row L-R: Bubba (photo bomber), Ryan (new hire), Josue (new hire), Shelby (new hire), Kirsten (graduating senior), Joanna (graduating senior), Front Row L-R: Monica (new hire), Kaitlyn (re-hire from Spange and Willy), Annelise (re-hire from Spange and Willy), Lis (RD)

 We can't wait to see these guys in action! Congrats to the new RAs!

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