RA Spotlight: Nick, Joanna, Anelisse, Campbell, and Javon

Posted by ENC Student Life on Nov 10, 2016 7:04:00 AM

SDO has great RAs and it's about time we appreciate them! Every month we feature different RAs on the bulletin board by the SDO office. Stop by and take a look, maybe you'll learn something about your RA! In this blog post, we have Nick, Joanna, Anelisse, Campbell, and Javon's info and 3 fun facts about each RA!


Nicholas Albert Story, Class of 2017, 5th Young (Home of Influential Bearded Men) 

Hometown: Gilbert, Arizona

Major: Sports Management

  1. Ever since I was young I wanted to get a puppy and name him, Butch. Can't wait to do that after graduation
  2. I love to travel around the world and experience different cultures
  3. I am in my most present and self-aware/conscious state when I am singing in the shower .... Don't judge



Joanna Joseph, Class of 2017 - 4th Young

I'm from Brockton, MA

I'm an Accounting Major

  1. I want to be as happy as Monica Ly.
  2. I can't eat a sandwich if the bread gets wet/soggy.
  3. Some people have guardian angels, I have Chris Estep.



Anelisse Sherill, Class of 2019 - 3rd Spange

Hometown: Elk Grove, California 

Major: Biology and Pre-Nursing

  1. My right arm is longer than my left arm.
  2. My dream vacation is a cruise to Alaska to go whale watching and see the Northern Lights.
  3. When I get out of school I want a pet pig named Porkers.



Campbell Shaw, Class of 2019 - 1st Shields

Hometown: redding, California. That is spelled correctly

Major: History

  1. I'm a huge film nerd
  2. I used to eat Taco Bell more than once a week, every week.
  3. I only wear vans shoes. 



Javon Winfield, Class of 2019 - 1st Memorial

Hometown: Baltimore, MD 

Major: Criminal Justice major, legal track,

  1. I love peanut butter
  2. I love my little brother and nephew
  3. I like to play scrabble. 

Are you interested in being an RA for next year? Keep an eye out for the RA applications, coming soon!

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