Start-ups and College Graduates – An Amazing Combination!

Posted by ENC on May 7, 2015 3:00:00 PM


In today’s business climate, start-ups are getting a lot of attention and for good reason - they are probably innovating better and faster than most other types of companies. Why? Maybe it’s because young professionals, raised in the Internet generation, create a large percentage of start-ups.  

Millennials tend to be more entrepreneurially minded than others and are showing our culture and our colleges and universities they have a great deal to offer the business world. A recent student by Deloitte revealed:

“70% of millennials want to start their own business.”

Here’s what’s exciting about today’s college graduates. They have an underlying interest in carving-out their own destiny that drives them entrepreneurially. Their business interests don’t have to be in high-tech, Internet, mobile or any of the popular industries we frequently see in the media. They’re smart enough to realize that an office job in their field may not be available – thus, they want to start their own business. Sometimes it is a disruptive business model that brings a totally new perspective or product!

"Many recent college graduates are launching start-up businesses and I see several reasons for this phenomenon. Despite the slowly growing economy, the job market is tight with employers holding out for candidates with several years’ experience. Furthermore this Internet generation cannot imagine traditional jobs in cubicles with traditional 9-5 working hours and are consequently looking for a way to escape that stereotype. Finally, and perhaps more significantly, Millennials are creative individuals that routinely think outside the box. They are braver than previous generations and are comfortable with the idea of stepping out on their own to create success in their own unique way."                                 

                                              - Kellee Birnstiel - Chair of the Division of Business

It’s exciting to see college grads forging their own path in business. Not too long ago, it was just the seasoned veteran business owners that were the only ones attempting to launch disruptive businesses. Those days are gone now and the mighty entrepreneurial thinkers are coming straight out of college.  

Eastern Nazarene College recognizes that innovation; entrepreneurialism, start-ups and college students are an amazing combination. ENC students have direct access to all of this and more at the Quincy Center for Innovation, part of Boston’s Life Science Corridor.


The ENC Business Department has a strong partnership with the Quincy Center for Innovation - find out more by downloading the eBook.

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