Staying Fit When Life Gets Fast

Posted by ENC Student Life on Dec 8, 2016 7:18:00 AM

Staying active can be difficult while trying to balance classes, work, and other responsibilities. Taking time out of your day to exercise when you could be studying or hanging out with friends can feel like a chore. Utilize these five tips to make the most of your time and stay fit and active in college. 

  1. Take the stairs, not the elevator - Get in a few extra steps and burn some calories by taking the stairs. It's worth it!
  2. Take a walk around campus - ENC has a beautiful campus filled with a variety of plant life and lush scenery. If you don’t have time to make it to the gym, take 15-30 minutes to walk around and breath it all in. 
  3. Play Intramurals - Get a group of friends together and make an intramural team! ENC has dodge ball, basketball, volleyball, and soccer throughout the course of the year. Plus, you get a pretty sweet t-shirt if you win.
  4. Watch what you eat - The cafeteria has a number of food options that are nutrient dense and good for you (chicken, cottage cheese, etc.). The cafeteria also has less healthy options (pizza, ice cream, etc.). While it’s okay to have certain things in moderation, junk food should not be the foundation of any diet.
  5. Go to the gym - This one is obvious. If you can find time to go to the gym, then do it. Nothing can replace exercise and hard work when it comes to keeping yourself active. College is a formative experience, and starting good habits now will resonate throughout the rest of your life. Form bad habits, and the opposite is true also. Take at least a few minutes each day to get up and move.

This post was written by one of our student writers, Josh Eisenberg. Josh Eisenberg is a Senior business major from Pennsylvania who enjoys physical fitness.

Written by ENC Student Life

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