Teaching in the STEM Fields

Posted by Lorne Ranstrom on Jul 7, 2015 8:26:00 AM

DSC_0843Have you ever thought about entering the teaching profession, particularly in a discipline where there is a need for teachers? When thinking about entering the profession, many focus on a particular age of student with whom they would like to work such as 3rd graders or high school seniors. I often hear students become animated when talking about working with students. I also hear students who are considering entering the profession become animated when talking about a particular content area in which they have an interest. 

Teaching can offer you the opportunity to do both, work with students, in a content area in which you are interested and at the same time fill a high needs discipline where there is a shortage of teachers –the STEM disciplines – Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

Currently across the country, there is a significant demand for teachers in all of the STEM areas. There is a critical need for teachers who have a strong foundation in their content area, enjoy watching students “get it,” and are interested in passing that knowledge on to students. Eastern Nazarene College offers majors in Secondary or Middle School Education and Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Math. Each of these content areas have strong, committed faculty who are ready to assist you in developing your own foundation in these disciplines, preparing you to pass on your expertise to eager students.

The Teacher Education faculty also works with you, providing guidance in learning how to engage students in a classroom setting, introducing them to the challenges and intrigue of the STEM disciplines. You also have the opportunity to interact in local schools with professional educators who are licensed in the STEM disciplines. In the schools you are provided hands on experiences to bridge theory and practice and begin to understand and develop your own teaching practice in a classroom.

At ENC, you earn a double major in a STEM content area (Physics, Biology, Chemistry, or Math) and education. This provides you the opportunity to one day enter a classroom and work with young minds. Who knows, you could be the teacher of the next Einstein or the Doctor who discovers a break through in the treatment of cancer. The teaching profession provides you the unique opportunity to work with students, in a content area about which you are passionate, and impact the world in which we all live.

Your passion for a content area is passed on to students as you work with them in a classroom. Leaving Eastern Nazarene College with a Teaching License in your possession, particularly in the STEM disciplines, opens up opportunities to work in most states and impact students’ lives and the community in which you choose to live.

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Written by Lorne Ranstrom

Dr. Ranstrom has been teaching at ENC since 1991, and is currently serving as Chair of the Division of Teacher Education and the Director of Field Placements. Previous to teaching at the college level, Dr. Ranstrom was a 7th grade teacher for five years, and an Assistant Principal at both the high school and middle school levels, for four years cumulatively. Since 1998 he has been a member of The Certification Review Panel for the Massachusetts State Dept. of Education, and has been a member of a number of Massachusetts State Dept. of Ed. accreditation teams.

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