Introducing the 2017-2018 Residential Life Staff

Posted by ENC Student Life on Aug 24, 2017 10:50:39 AM

Every year Student Development goes through weeks of interviews refining the selection for the coveted 22 slots available as a Resident Assistant in the residence halls. This year was extra tricky as there was a surplus of qualified candidates and it's hard to choose when there are so many wonderful options! We are excited to announce the 2017-2018 Resident Assistant list. Students, meet your new RAs!

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Explore Boston Like a Native

Posted by Jessy Anne Scott on Jul 26, 2017 7:05:00 AM

With summer in full swing and fall on it’s way, you may be wondering what to do with your free time.

Eastern Nazarene, a Christian College on Boston’s South Shore, is just eight miles away from Boston, and there’s plenty to do to keep your summer and fall busy and fun. Whether you’re looking for a cool place to eat this summer or a quiet place to get some homework done this fall, this list will help you break free from your routine and see all that Boston has to offer!

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The Items You HAVE TO Bring to College

Posted by ENC Student Life on Jun 12, 2017 7:03:00 AM

Congrats! You just got accepted to college and it's time to start packing for a big move! Whether you are moving down the street or across the country, there are a few items that you've just got to bring to college. We've sorted the college packing list into four segments,

  1. Necessities
  2. Things you might not think of but you totally need
  3. Things you definitely don't need but are really nice to have
  4. Not allowed items.
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Last Year's Summer Min Team ALL The Secrets

Posted by ENC Student Life on May 15, 2017 8:00:00 AM

Being part of a summer ministry team is a long standing ENC tradition. A sort of rite of passage for those interested in possibly going into the ministry someday. We talked to one of last year's teams and go them to tell us EVERYTHING about their experience. The ins and outs of surviving 2 months on the road and why they would all do it again. 

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Graduation Countdown: Timelapse of the Graduation Set Up

Posted by ENC Student Life on Apr 28, 2017 7:07:00 AM

Graduation is just 1 week away! 

In 7 days seniors will be walking across the stage, receiving their diploma, and taking a final picture with Dr. McGee. In just under 150 hours you'll be taking pictures in your cap and gown with friends and family. Your 4 (or more) years of college have all been leading up to this special day and we are excited to watch each senior get recognized for their hard work. 

While you're off having breakfast or getting ready, the ENC facilities crew is hard at work setting up hundreds of chairs for your friends and family on Wolly lawn. This hyper lapse from a few years ago is still super mesmerizing. Can't Look. Away.

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Spending Spring Break Serving Boston's Homeless

Posted by ENC Student Life on Apr 6, 2017 7:32:00 AM

For most people, "Spring Break" conjures images of wild parties, palm trees, and overindulgence. It's fair to say that most students prefer to spend their week away from class as far from campus and their academic responsibilities as possible. This year, four ENC students not only spent their spring break on campus, but they spent it ministering to those affected by homelessness in Boston. How's that for a change in perspective?

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"The Fusion Trip Changed My Life"

Posted by ENC Student Life on Mar 27, 2017 7:17:00 AM

This year the Spiritual Development Office sent out three Fusion Spring Break trips. An international team went to Havana, Cuba, an in-country group went to Ferguson, MO, and a local group went to Boston, MA. We sat down with student Ashley Prax who went on the international trip to Cuba and heard her story of growth, shifting perspectives, and a passion for missions. 

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Meet the New RAs!

Posted by ENC Student Life on Mar 23, 2017 7:09:00 AM

As the 2016-2017 school year comes to a close we are sad to say goodbye to the Resident Assistants (RAs) who are graduating but we can't wait to welcome in some amazing new recruits! These new RAs will become the presence of Student Development in the dorms. They are paid to invest in students and help their peers have the best experience possible at ENC. What a terrific job!

We had a little party with our current and future RAs. Our graduating RAs got to pass on some wisdom to their incoming counterparts and we all had a great time. Ready to see who might be leading your floor next year?

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So Why Is ENC an Arboretum and What Is That...

Posted by ENC Student Life on Mar 21, 2017 7:00:00 AM

You've probably noticed small plaques adorning some of the trees on ENC's campus connecting the plant to ENC's Babcock Arboretum.  Since 1993, ENC's collection of 75 varieties has been designated an official arboretum named for the colorful Professor J.Verner Babcock who taught botany at ENC from 1938 until 1978.

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A Message From the New SGA

Posted by ENC Student Life on Mar 13, 2017 7:00:00 AM

Last week the next Student Government team was elected. We talked to each of the election winners about their vision for next year and more importantly, what brought them to ENC. Scroll down and learn about what brought the 2017-2018 SGA team to want to work for you!

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