Transferring to Another College? – 5 Tips From A College Professional

Posted by Malisa Mao on May 19, 2016 10:00:00 AM

Transfer.jpgIf you’re one of those college students looking to transfer, you know it can be a lot of work. Let’s face it; it’s a daunting task that takes a great deal of time and effort, even if you’re well organized. However, when you finally discover the college you feel could be a great fit for you, the time spent is totally worth the effort.

Since the Summer is upon us, now’s the time to get your transfer information firmed-up so that when you make the first call to the Admissions department and colleges ask for your information, you will be ready to go.

5 College Transfer Tips You Don’t Want To Miss

Eastern Nazarene Admissions Enrollment Counselor Malisa Mao works specifically with transfer students. She sees the challenges they go through and it’s her job to make the process as easy as possible. Here are some inside tips from an enrollment professional that are sure to make your transfer process go much easier.

Tip 1: Apply Online

Once you have done your research and figured out where you think you want to transfer, you must apply online. That’s really the first step. Do this before you contact an Enrollment Counselor. This will help speed up the process and also help the counselor to see more information about you, the potential incoming student. The more they understand about you, the easier the process will be.

Tip 2: College Transcripts

Talk to your current college or university to let them know you are looking to transfer. You want them to prepare your transcripts so that they are “ready” to send to the college you want to transfer to. This may take some time; so get this process started as soon as possible so your transcripts will be ready when you want them. If you want to get the process moving sooner, you can submit an unofficial transcript to the college you want to transfer to. This is helpful and will give them important information they need to know about your academics.

Tip 3: FAFSA

Financial Aid is something you don’t want to turn down. It helps reduce the cost of college so that you can enroll and graduate successfully. You want to make sure to complete your FAFSA to be eligible for as much aid as possible. You will be able to find information assistance online on most college websites. Make sure to check out the financial aid pages on the website of the college you wish to transfer to.

Tip 4: Commuting Students

In many cases, transfer students want to commute to college to save money or because they already have a job. Take a look at the location of the transfer school and ask the Enrollment Counselor questions about how commuting students fit in to the campus community. You may be surprised at how easy it is to be a commuter student, especially if the campus is centrally located to public transportation.

Tip 5: Use Your Admissions Counselor As A Resource

Every college Admissions Counselor knows exactly what you need in order to help with the transfer process. Don’t hesitate to ask them any question that you know will help. They can save you lots of time and effort if you have your questions already prepared before you call them. But don’t forget, just because you already talked to them doesn’t mean you can’t contact them again. Get their email, phone, Facebook and any other method of communication that works for both of you. Of course, a personal visit always works well because you can see the campus and also meet the Admissions Counselor in-person. Use them as a resource and take advantage of their knowledge – you will be glad you did!

At Eastern Nazarene College, we understand that students have questions and want answers. When you come for an ENC campus tour, make sure to talk to our Admissions counselors and ask these questions and any others you have. At ENC, there are many ways in which we help students. One of them is our Center for Academic Success. We want to ensure you have an incredible college experience from the first day you arrive all the way through to graduation. See you soon!

Check out ENC’s Fast Facts or contact an Admissions Counselor to learn more information about how ENC’s small Christian college campus results in dynamic opportunities for our students here in the Boston area.





Written by Malisa Mao

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