Why a Business Degree Is More Valuable Than You Think

Posted by ENC on Dec 23, 2015 11:00:00 AM

hands-typing-6.jpgFor nearly 35 years, a Business degree has been the single most common major awarded for students. Maybe that’s because the need for business will never go away. Additionally, the rate of domestic and international business convergence is changing at warp speed, more than ever before. It may not be long before colleges may have a hard time graduating business degree students fast enough with the right skills needed to accommodate the rapidly evolving business needs.

Today’s businesses require all kinds of skills and people. Regardless of who you are, take advantage of the job growth areas and use your business degree to your advantage when looking for a job.

Start-Ups And Small Businesses
One place to look for a job may be with start-ups. They have been on the rise and this type of business can be a source of job growth for degree earners young and old. Did you know, there are 514,332 businesses that are started each year? Chances are there are many near your college, job or home. In fact, Eastern Nazarene College is fortunate enough to have the Quincy Center for Innovation right on our campus and they are chock full of new business start-ups! Did You Know? Today, women majority business owners’ are nearly 33% of the nation’s small business and 50% of all small businesses. – SBA.gov

According to a businessinsider article, if you graduate with a bachelor’s degree, over your life you have the potential to earn more than $1-million more than high school graduates and an additional $23,000 per year.

 For those of you already in the workforce and thinking about going back to school, you’re in good company. Over the last 5 years, new college graduates returning to college to finish their degree has increased each year. One of the reasons this is happening is because professionals understand that earning their degree will help them advance in their career.

Getting Value From Your Degree
Once you decide that you need a degree in Business, it’s important to make sure that you select a college that is well respected and can offer value beyond the classroom. Eastern Nazarene College is ranked locally, regionally and even nationally for Quality, Affordability and Value.

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