Why Are Values So Important On A College Campus?

Posted by ENC on Apr 28, 2015 2:00:00 PM

VALUES_MATTERDid you know the professional world and life on a college campus can have a lot in common? Values are very important because businesses want their employees to have a personal value system that matches the company value system. Company values are not only part of their mission statement, these values are also part of the DNA of the company itself. When the DNA is well-managed through purposeful employee interaction and thoughtful collaboration, a highly unique company culture is created. The results are employees who work smarter, are more productive, and who enjoy their work more than ever.

This is very similar on a college campus as well. Colleges have a mission statement and a core value system that is embodied in professors, faculty, staff, alumni and the entire student body. All of these mixed together create a campus culture unique to the institution. While students are on campus, they learn how to merge their personal values with the values of their peers and of the college. They also learn how to collaborate with other individuals that may or may not have the same values and perspectives as their own. This occurs in classes, labs, internships, hangout time, mission trips, on-campus work-study, and even international travel experiences. All of these combined experiences create an amazing learning experience for college students to take with them into their first job.

"Life on a college campus creates opportunities for intellectual, social, and cultural interchange and discourse. Values serve as mechanisms that anchor us in our core beliefs while propelling us toward understanding and appreciating similarities and differences."  – Marion Mason, Dean of Students

Part of ENC’s mission is to equip students by providing a quality Christian liberal arts education which is encompassed in Dean Emeritus Bertha Munro's famous statement, “There is no conflict between the best in education and the best in Christian faith.” ENC students are encouraged to discover and embrace their own set of values while learning to engage in a highly collaborative, rich learning experience. This creates a unique educational process that helps students to critically think through what life has in-store for them on campus, in their degree program, their faith, their relationships, and in the professional world that lies ahead.


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Located in Quincy, Massachusetts on Boston’s historic South Shore, Eastern Nazarene College is a distinctively Christian liberal arts college. ENC is committed to the teaching and mentoring of students in a nurturing, spiritually enriched, and academically supportive environment. Offering a full breadth of academic programs, ENC prepares students to lead and serve in a diverse world by integrating the best in education and the best in Christian faith.

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