Why Pursue the World of a Teacher at Eastern Nazarene College

Posted by Lorne Ranstrom on Mar 13, 2015 10:00:00 AM

Teaching is a rewarding profession. A teacher is permitted to spend days with students teaching and learning with them. In the course of doing that work, one might even call it the pleasure of doing that work; teachers have the privilege of inviting students into the life of the mind. 

Rachel-DSC_0668At Eastern Nazarene College, you can learn to be a teacher and be provided the privilege and opportunity to enter the work of developing the minds of students. This is an enormous responsibility and humbling adventure. At times some of the students with whom teachers work will return to share of the influence a teacher had on their life. National Public Radio (NPR) has been running a series over the last six months called “50 Great Teachers Project.”  It highlights teachers who have had a significant influence in the lives of students.

In the course of their emails and tweets, many have talked of the profound impact that teachers have had in their lives. Some commented on the life lessons that teachers taught them. Some students were assisted in developing interests they have been able to cultivate, interests that are outside of the work environment.  The development of these interests has contributed to broadening the mind of the student. 

Some have commented on the importance of education, how to write and speak well. Others have developed a profound interest in literature and history as areas of study, connecting them with the importance of the life of the mind. Learning of these topics has provided the skill sets for these students, now adults, to participate effectively in the civic conversation. Still others commented on how teachers made them feel worthy.

At Eastern Nazarene College you can learn to become a teacher who will be afforded the profound and compelling influence in the lives of students, which is carried on into their adult world. ENC provides a strong foundation to help you prepare to enter the teaching profession ready to invest in the lives of students on the first day in your classroom. As a result, you too will have the opportunity to be a “Great Teacher” to someone – to impact a life.

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Photo: Rachel (Peed) Matzdorff, a 3rd grade teacher in Quincy, MA, received her BA and MEd from ENC in 2009 and 2011

Written by Lorne Ranstrom

Dr. Ranstrom has been teaching at ENC since 1991, and is currently serving as Chair of the Division of Teacher Education and the Director of Field Placements. Previous to teaching at the college level, Dr. Ranstrom was a 7th grade teacher for five years, and an Assistant Principal at both the high school and middle school levels, for four years cumulatively. Since 1998 he has been a member of The Certification Review Panel for the Massachusetts State Dept. of Education, and has been a member of a number of Massachusetts State Dept. of Ed. accreditation teams.

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