Why Student-Athletes Succeed In Business

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College varsity athletics are incredibly demanding on student-athletes. It's important to develop time-management skills to accomplish both academic and athletic requirements throughout a sport season.

student_athletesMost student-athletes experience first hand the value of team sports and how participating in their sport help them to be a more productive employee after graduation. Companies who hire recent college graduates can benefit from student-athletes who bring valuable skills and a competitive drive to their job. These skills help them become a well-rounded and productive employee.

How do student-athletes at ENC prepare for a career?

"It starts with teamwork. Student-athletes have been taught to work within a team setting. Effective communication, working together, hard work are just some of the values instilled. Plus, they are coached all their lives, so they are "bred" to work together for something bigger than themselves. Everyone has a role and in order for success to happen, everyone has to do his or her part whole-heartedly."
                      -  Sacha Santimano, ENC Women's Basketball Coach

5 Key Attributes College Student-Athletes Bring To Their Careers:

  • Focus – Student athletes are trained to block out the crowd noise, opponents, and other distractions to focus on their job as a player on the team. There are lots of distractions in business today, many of which can cause decreased productivity among employees. Companies want to hire staff that has the ability to block-out distractions so they can be more productive at their job.
  • Teamwork – In team-oriented sports, nobody likes a ball-hog. Successful teams work well together, communicate effectively and understand their own strengths and weaknesses. Student athletes understand that good teamwork creates victories. In business, good team players become good leaders and make others around them even better.
  • Fight To Win – Every college athlete wants to win, that’s part of his or her DNA. They train very hard physically and mentally to become stronger, smarter and equipped for difficult situations. Student-athletes are well equipped to fight through adversity in order to accomplish a goal; nearly every manager would love to have someone on their staff with those traits.
  • Time Management – Most sports have a function of time integrated in the game. That means student-athletes understand the meaning and value of “urgency.” They also know how to manage their time with balancing workouts, classes, games, and homework. These are valuable skills to have in your business. Whether it is for a new product’s speed-to-market, in business development in communicating to your prospective customers, or in choosing priorities, time management is critical.
  • Self-Improvement – Athletes have an innate desire to be better and to keep improving their skills because nobody wants to sit on the bench. In business, you want employees that are motivated and self-driven to sharpen their skills without their boss continuing to ask them. Most athletes do this automatically because they are already familiar with the process of wanting to improve their skills. 


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