Why Study History If You’ve Already Lived Through It?

Posted by ENC on Jan 6, 2016 10:21:53 AM

The-study-at-Peacefield-built-by-Charles-Francis-Adams.jpgHistory is one of those majors in college that is greatly underestimated and misunderstood by those who have not experienced it in the college classroom. History majors have the potential to learn some amazing skills while in college that all businesses need. Who would have thought that studying history would be such a significant means to learning critical professional skills? After all, History majors study things like the Revolution, Machu Picchu, The Boston Massacre and the gilded age right? Well… not exactly.

Why Is History So Important To Understand?

Let’s face it, History, as we know it is a lot of facts and phrases, events and people, cultures and philosophies all mixed in to one word -- History. However, by studying these important events and happenings one begins to be able to grapple with and understand why change is occurring and then apply personal meaning to it. Wow, that’s deep. Additionally, critical thinking in History is the norm, not the exception.

Reading, writing, extrapolating, explaining, translating, and trying to figure out foggy, circumstantial ideals are not easy. However, historians seem to do it articulately with grace and poise, speed and comprehension like no one else.

When students tackle global issues with their peers and professors, who guide them through a well-planned pedagogical process, it becomes a fun, intellectual and a sensory experience that you will never forget. In fact, this process challenges students to become distillers of vast quantities of complex information, explainers of this information and critical thinkers of what it means and why? -- Sounds like Siri on your iPhone just became integrated with your brain and was part of your major. Is that even possible?


“In such a complex and messy world, there is something incredibly liberating in the very simple realization that things have not, in fact, “always been this way.” Gaining an understanding of those differences by studying history is a wonderful way to develop the skill of articulating clearly how complex problems have come into existence, as well as fostering a creative spirit that can find alternative paths forward.”                                

- William McCoy, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of History


Why Study History at Eastern Nazarene College?

History, when unveiled with tactical, sensory experiences creates a limitless intellectual toolbox within the mind of the student. In essence, History becomes highly relational, incalculably real, non-linear and deeply understandable. What does all that mean? Well, it means, today’s History majors are extremely well-equipped to go on to schools like Harvard, Yale and begin careers in law, Business, Education and Political Science to name a few. If that isn’t good enough, Boston is the backyard for ENC’s History majors. That also comes with some amazing benefits because our students have access to intellectual resources well beyond other people outside of the Boston area. In other words, ENC’s History Department is way better than any library or smartphone app could ever provide.

If you’re trying to unpack the world you live in by yourself, stop trying. Come join the ENC History department with heralded professors and some amazing students that have incredible promise and intellect. You just might be surprised where your degree and career take you.

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